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Technical Services


Non-functional or faulty equipment can cause costly delays and in more severe cases, hazardous problems whether they be on board or

in a major marina along the international yacht routes. 

That is why OMS Marine International has a dedicated and expertise technical service team who are are on call 24 hours a day,

7 days a week and are commited to providing you with a selection of the highest quality services including repairs, corrective and preventative maintenance,

upgrades and life extensions. 

OMS Marine International also offers parts on Mechanical and Engine Systems, Hydraulic Systems and Electrical or Electronic Systems. 

Even though our headquarters are based in Marmaris, we are able to support our

customers throughout the world with our established network of dedicate service engineers.



Our ethos is simple :  Service is our strength.  Our dedication to this offers:


  • A service of wide-ranging delivery methods of all products and brands
  • To act as a supplier of top-ranking products, and services that emphasises quality
  • The use of our 25 years of know-how and expertise in maritime technology
  • Excellently trained staff, all of whom specialise in the latest maritime technological developments
  • Specialists in safety instructions and maritime regulations
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